Haircut Trends For Men And Boys

Young Man getting haircutYour local barber shop might not be the place you think of when the latest hair styles emerge, but certain cuts are ideally suited to the skills of a barber. Take a look at what’s hot in haircut trends for men, especially young men and boys, and you’ll see what we mean. Survey male celebrities and sports players of all ages in magazines and on TV and if they aren’t acting in adaptations of Victorian novels, the men flaunt a wide variety of styles.

The Shaved Head

Once upon a time asking for a head-shave would have been a request to go absolutely, Bruce Willis bald. A lot of guys favored total baldness over the frustrating pattern of hair/skin that signaled the end of their curls was nigh. Not anymore; nowadays men are looking for a partial shave with a lot of hair left on top so they can do things with it. The sides and possibly the back get the heave-ho though in order to create a top-heavy shape. Many older teens and young adult males are favoring a top-bun so they need a lot of hair left on the top. Other guys are pushing their hair upwards or to one side with gel to expose a shaved area. Highlights are popular as are shaved lines forming words or symbols at the side or back.

The Buzz Cut

It’s also handy to have somewhere to take your kid or husband for a buzz cut, especially this summer as the weather heats up. No one needs all that hair getting in the way when they swim and boys are notorious for disliking the shower routine, so why not have locks shaved to within an inch of their lives? You’ll save on shampoo and your kid’s visit to the barber shop will be short and sweet. As for grown men, many professions expect their males to have hair as short as possible either for safety or discipline.

A Shave — Sort Of

A barber will also shave a guy’s beard if he so desires, using the hot towel method. Meanwhile, men frequently want their beards shaped, not shaved. It is hugely popular these days to go bald up top and cultivate a long, bushy beard below with or without a mustache. Who knows what the ladies think about it? Haircut trends aren’t just for girls and women anymore.

Visit your Local Barber

Whatever your style, visit a barber close to home and find out what he can offer. Most barber shops offer lower prices than salons. Take advantage of discounts for boys, seniors, and students. Drop in to find out if there is a space without having to book an appointment several days before coming in; long before you know when you’ll have time for a haircut and shave.